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Full Stack Web developers

Doing any specialized project on the web is our specialty

Anooshiravan Alamdari Resume

I have worked with 2 startups for the last 9 years . And developed a startup on my own (Maxiwix) .More details below

Web Development

Master the tools that front-end developers use every day, from HTML to React, plus server-side back-end JavaScript libraries with Express.js. and all Asp.net FrameWorks

Mobile Development
What Is Mobile App Development?

Mobile app development is the creation of software intended to run on mobile devices and optimized to take advantage of those products' unique features and hardware.

SQL Designer

Supports database modeling, from logical UML class models to relational databases, maintaining consistency between your analysis models, design models and implementation in relational databases.

Discount Store And Lottery

a Startup B2C For Sale Any Discount. But its approach is entertainment participates in the obvious Lottery . The Company's approach has been to win the user Click Here

This project is a win-win . An attempt has been made to convey the feeling of winning and excitement to the user

Full Stack Web Developer (2015-2020)
Online Home Devoration Startup:

This startup is Online Decoration to change the color of decor objects This startup used to sell and show Carpet , Ceramic , chandelier Wallpaper, panel .... and another Objets Bottom line is we want you to succeed at Faculty.

Front End Developer (2012-2016)

For Example click here

WebSite Builder Startup

in This startup , The user could Create a Website with 10 Click and Complete a Form The startup was shut Down due to a change in the Company's Perspective

Our Process

We are a passionate digital design agency that specializes in beautiful and easy-to-use digital design & web development services.



We analyze your opinion. Evaluation will be done if its necessary and then complete it.



We choose the best platform . And draw the plan map



Coding and submitting documents will be done fast and professionally for development



In the last step,debugging in the quality control unit will be done by our experts . And our team will Provide vital supports

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